Six ways an individual can fight climate change

Paris Agreement was signed by 195 nations, pledging to reduce carbon emissions. While US has pulled out of #ParisClimateDeal individuals can still continue this pledge. This is how :

Reducing food use and waste- Lot of emission is made in producing and transporting food. We must buy and consume as per our need. Also wastage of food decomposes it to green house gases which in turn prove disastrous for our planet.

Plastic free world- We can change the fate of our mother earth by discouraging use of plastic be it plastic bags, plastic bottles or pouches. Everything which decomposes itself to earth is good and which do not is bad for the health of environment. Plastic do not decompose and thus prohibits earth’s growth.

Styrofoam – This is the latest addition to the problem. The white good looking monster is the chemical cousin of polythene. The modern disposables like glasses, plates and containers are becoming intrinsic part of household. People have chosen them for their ease of use and cheaper price. They find their lost resort in landfills but the day is not far when styrofoam will gobble up our space too.

Electricity- Recent developments have revealed that the world is shifting towards greener energy. But this paradigm shift will take another decade.Till then we rely on coal and fossils to lit our lives lamps, at least third world still does. Consumption of lesser electricity with use of energy saving equipments will accelerate the movement of saving our planet.

Independence  from Non renewable energy sources РOur transportation is major consumer of petroleum products which not only is limited but also polluting. Urban roads have choked due to overuse of private vehicles. Some of roads remain permanent blocked due to traffic. The only seemed solution is use of public transport that too which uses green energy. This will not only reduce emissions but also improve traffic conditions and thus human life.

Green spaces in our house-We all have some space in our houses which can be devoted to plants. This could prove to be biggest fight against climate change. There can be a kitchen garden where an individual can learn to grow own food. Once people come to process of growing be it anything they will take care of environment and respect people who grow food for us.