Six ways an individual can fight climate change

Paris Agreement was signed by 195 nations, pledging to reduce carbon emissions. While US has pulled out of #ParisClimateDeal individuals can still continue this pledge. This is how :

Reducing food use and waste- Lot of emission is made in producing and transporting food. We must buy and consume as per our need. Also wastage of food decomposes it to green house gases which in turn prove disastrous for our planet.

Plastic free world- We can change the fate of our mother earth by discouraging use of plastic be it plastic bags, plastic bottles or pouches. Everything which decomposes itself to earth is good and which do not is bad for the health of environment. Plastic do not decompose and thus prohibits earth’s growth.

Styrofoam – This is the latest addition to the problem. The white good looking monster is the chemical cousin of polythene. The modern disposables like glasses, plates and containers are becoming intrinsic part of household. People have chosen them for their ease of use and cheaper price. They find their lost resort in landfills but the day is not far when styrofoam will gobble up our space too.

Electricity- Recent developments have revealed that the world is shifting towards greener energy. But this paradigm shift will take another decade.Till then we rely on coal and fossils to lit our lives lamps, at least third world still does. Consumption of lesser electricity with use of energy saving equipments will accelerate the movement of saving our planet.

Independence  from Non renewable energy sources – Our transportation is major consumer of petroleum products which not only is limited but also polluting. Urban roads have choked due to overuse of private vehicles. Some of roads remain permanent blocked due to traffic. The only seemed solution is use of public transport that too which uses green energy. This will not only reduce emissions but also improve traffic conditions and thus human life.

Green spaces in our house-We all have some space in our houses which can be devoted to plants. This could prove to be biggest fight against climate change. There can be a kitchen garden where an individual can learn to grow own food. Once people come to process of growing be it anything they will take care of environment and respect people who grow food for us.



Carbon Footprints: Count Yours for better Planet

The total number of green house gases emitted to support the human activities is known as carbon footprint.For humans it is more specific to carbon dioxide and thus expressed as  CO2e.Each human action be it breathing, resting or blinking of eyes  requires energy. And this energy comes from food which in turn comes at the  cost of Carbon.Thus as long as we human live we continue to contribute to carbon emission: the more we use the things more is the contribution.

The most important to sustain life is oxygen  then comes the water and then food followed by other things.The production of oxygen which is mostly done by the flora of the planet only consumes carbon to emit oxygen, rest all necessities do the vice versa.If we take food for an example human do use some machine or animals to yield, these machines or animals do use energy in some form or the other and emit Carbon.The smoke from industries, vehicular pollution, domestic household uses of fire are the major causes of increase of green house gases. It is astonishingly ugly fact that half of the emisson is due to food waste.

We have diviced methods to tackle pollution like discouraging use of fossil fuels,regulatory check for chimneys of industries,prevention of forest fire, plantation of trees etc. These fine measures are need of the hour.But the most important thing is yet to be done. An individual is taught that he or she can contribute to the environment by    either planting trees or preventing pollution.However he or she can contribute much more than this by just acting little environment friendly way.Now what is that?

Using the things as per their need is the simplest answer to it. Suppose I have more purchasing power than average fellow citizen and I am capable of paying any amount of bill for gasoline or electricity.Yet I am  not entitled to waste electricity or fuel as it must have been produced by leaving  Carbon Footprints . Recycling and reusing the things like polythene  and bottles etc will reduce the consumption and thus the production of the these environment hazards.And above all prevention of food waste not only in logistics but also from food plates.

We move, we breathe, we sleep :at every moment we leave carbon Footprints.To reduce it, is not to Live Less but make a Shadow Green Footprint which walk upon to overlap and wipe it up.

Youth in Farming-Road to Sustainability

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A very obvious question you must have been asked as a kid or you must have asked to a kid “What you wanna be when you grow up?? The answer to this question is quirky and kids do respond like Pilot, Doctor, Teacher, Cop even like his or her father etc.But I am sure none of us have heard a Farmer as an answer to this question. We all need pilots, doctors and teachers in our lives sometime or the other but we require Farmers each day.
“Uncle Sam(US as initials) needs you” was perhaps the first campaign to attract youth to army during World War I. We often come across advertisements of coaching institutes for producing such wannabe doctors teachers or pilots. After they are made also do we see institutions calling  for these people.Its rare to see such case for farmers. Neither for education nor for the practice. All our educational institutes engaged in vocation of Agriculture preach its pupil to grab a job in extending loan, selling(seeds and fertilizers) or be an agricultural scientist and thus to never be in recipient’s side.How many of these grads or post grads practice farming?

October,the sixteenth each year is the day when the whole world churns finding the ways to feed the increasing population this includes increasing agricultural productivity through better farm practices, improving distribution networks, minimizing the food losses. But did we ever think about the most important link of this whole cycle the people involved, No.The human resource is the most important link of any business. Its never been emphasized that the people involved in Agriculture and allied services be educated or better informed.Also no where in the world youth are encouraged to get into Agriculture or Farming.


Every nation has its problems and some are unique to its geographical boundaries. India has a problem that most of its farmers are either middle aged or old,the majority of whom has fallen accidently to this non lucrative occupation (not profession). Youth in India never thinks of taking farming as a profession and keeps on running towards white collar jobs and that too in big cities.This is obvious because all of them had not seen it and those who had been, seen only in bad shape. The disfigured shape of Agriculture which only had afflicted pain and misery to its practiser.


The veterans who hold the baton never learned or changed themselves to follow technology and scientific way. And thus the baton (a Farmer always thinks of his future generation not to follow his stink) which of course passed accidently had the same stereo typed fuel with no advancement.The youth today is encompassed with information. If such informed youth get to the Profession (not occupation) a significant change would be immediately seen in present subsistence form of agricultural practices.
The greatest advantage of youth is being a youth.The young people especially of present times are experimental and does not much believe in experiential knowledge . They have an appetite for risk and more years to learn.Informed people can do things in good way.Policies of the government can be utilised in a better way by educated people in farming.An educated and aware farmer is less susceptible to exploitation which by far is the most depressed among all occupational classes.
Even the most developed nations are facing the problem of feeding their rising population. The Indian Agriculture is plagued by depleted soil efficiency, lack of irritation, soil erosion, debt ridden farmers, shrinking agri land and above all vagaries of nature in the form of draught, flood and hailstorm. There can be no single remedy but informed farmer can tackle all these in better way. The government will have to incentivise those willing to take Agriculture as profession.The process of leasing land for such purposes may be made simpler. Also those in government jobs and eager to take Agriculture should be granted sabbatical in similar way as is done in study leave.
Education and information is the key drivers in every aspect of our lives. The time is ripe and we should work in conjugation with nature. Sustainable development is possible only when the closest associates of nature: the farmers, know the means as well as the end.Such informed farmers will take Agriculture to new heights and then it may become a career of choice among kids.




Garden of Eden-Unforbidden Apple


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India has become a land of businesses. The growing number of startups witness the growth story of this developing nation each day. Yet a simple question couldn’t be answered by most of the viriles of market .At which part of the Indian city would a fruitseller be placed to generate maximum sale? The difficult answer to this easy question is right in “front of Hospital” . It seems strange but the place generates maximum revenues.

In most of the Indian cities an established medical shop owner opens a medical shop in front of perhaps every clinic or nursing home.Some of the over ambitious frontrunner even do these in front of every medical practitioner who swears to give business. The same modus operandi holds true for fruit shop owners too.

Our majority of the population lives a life where most of the earning goes to procure daily essentials.And fruits perhaps is never a necessity unless its non consumption is lethal. Hence the dearer ones, the forerunner in terms of price like Apple (Apple of my Eye phrase must have come owing to its price) is consumed only when a Doctor recommends.Although the public is aware of all the benefits of fruits but couldn’t afford to have it in plate.

Banana so far was the cheapest among fruits but for the past few years this fruit has also found its way to richness.Guava trees in many parts of the country are present in almost all the homes but by virtue or vice of climatic diversity in other parts, it is bought at the cost of apples.This is simple gap of demand and supply crippled by logistics. Thus we see despite having the optimal atmosphere for fruits the masses are mostly deprived of it.

We have horticulture department in every town and city. The department plants ornamental plants beside streets and dividers. The local body like municipal corporation irrigates these plants. With consultation from agricultural scientists and universities these streets can be planted with fruits which suit the climatic conditions.The parameters which can affect the safe traffic like spread of tree, branching etc can be worked out.Also the work needs to identify the varieties which are susceptible to harsh environment, need less water, fruit earlier etc. While brainstorming about the idea few intellectuals were apprehensive that the trees need protection from people. Of course this needs to be done but not always.All we need is little leap of faith that once people are surrounded by fruit laden trees they themselves will not harm them. The idea will not only utilise the potential of land in urban areas but also will be a step closer to food security for the nation.The spend may be equal or little more than what we spend on plantation now.
The seminal idea can be taken by a small cooperative or civil self help group in small setup like a village or taluka.There start would be a lead of a step because people there (in rural areas) are more aware of the nature and utility of plants.Moreover project in a closed or small set up will have more likelihood of success.
Sheer thought of moving around a place which is full of lovely fruits thrills me.Need to have fruit just take a walk to your nearest Orchard… Ah…. street. This may be a distant dream but not an impossible one .If God knew that the Human beings can get nourishment in few fruit and vegetables why has He created so much of flora and fauna.All because he wanted to have choices for all of us. The Almighty pours in abundance then why not receive with the biggest vessel.

Count Your Trees Before You Gag


Pollution is big talk in print media TV or Internet. Most of us explore it, compare with few other cities, curse the vehicle owners and then rest back to our routine.The response is obvious as we do not know what to do or how to contribute our part. If anyone out of sheer enthusiasm want to plant a tree he won't find place in crowded city. If somehow he or she manages to find a place it would be impossible to look after the plant. Reducing carbon footprint is beyond the reach of changing lifestyles of mankind. Consumables come in plastic bags and we drink water in Styrofoam glasses. So whose responsibility is to plant trees or clean the environment.A very simple exercise will make us know it. We all live in localities which are relatively small and the trees present can be counted. Count these trees and divide them with number of people living in that locality. This will give the exact number of trees per person. It was proved by science that a human needs a fully grown plant to have his air. Few people will argue that whole planet is one so why not count forest trees, so my answer is they are for wild animals. Also some intellectuals will have view that in cities we have our terrace or kitchen gardens, they in fact are for smaller creatures like insects etc. If there comes an ordeal that each person will be provided with facilities based on the number of trees he or she owns there will be civil war. However nature already has this principle inscribed. This is high time we plant trees unless we gag to death. A human must have at least one tree to which he can claim as his own. I urge to take good care of green around you: plant protect and preserve trees. !

“The best time to plant trees was 20 years ago.
The next best time is now. “