Count Your Trees Before You Gag


Pollution is big talk in print media TV or Internet. Most of us explore it, compare with few other cities, curse the vehicle owners and then rest back to our routine.The response is obvious as we do not know what to do or how to contribute our part. If anyone out of sheer enthusiasm want to plant a tree he won't find place in crowded city. If somehow he or she manages to find a place it would be impossible to look after the plant. Reducing carbon footprint is beyond the reach of changing lifestyles of mankind. Consumables come in plastic bags and we drink water in Styrofoam glasses. So whose responsibility is to plant trees or clean the environment.A very simple exercise will make us know it. We all live in localities which are relatively small and the trees present can be counted. Count these trees and divide them with number of people living in that locality. This will give the exact number of trees per person. It was proved by science that a human needs a fully grown plant to have his air. Few people will argue that whole planet is one so why not count forest trees, so my answer is they are for wild animals. Also some intellectuals will have view that in cities we have our terrace or kitchen gardens, they in fact are for smaller creatures like insects etc. If there comes an ordeal that each person will be provided with facilities based on the number of trees he or she owns there will be civil war. However nature already has this principle inscribed. This is high time we plant trees unless we gag to death. A human must have at least one tree to which he can claim as his own. I urge to take good care of green around you: plant protect and preserve trees. !

“The best time to plant trees was 20 years ago.
The next best time is now. “


Air:When Fear fills the Lungs



      “जख्म हल्का सा है नासूर हो जायेगा ,न जाने कौन कितना मज़बूर हो जायेगा ।
कीमत समझो बूँद बूँद पानी की वर्ना ,देश का कोना कोना लातूर हो जाएगा | “

Water: A dwindling Resource

Every Drop Counts

Water Scarcity is a Man made problem:

” जख्म हल्का सा है नासूर हो जायेगा , न जाने कौन कितना मज़बूर हो जायेगा ।
कीमत समझो बूँद बूँद पानी की वर्ना   ,     देश का कोना कोना लातूर हो जाएगा |