Why I Love Narendra Modi?


Two nations were born on 15th August 1947.World sees which one has fared better. One is reeling under poverty, chaos and extremist intrusion whereas other has stood strong to be an emerging economic power. The difference between the stark opposite nations  is the governance. The governments so far has done good that’s the reason for its prosperity. The article doesn’t undermine the achievement of previous people. It only glorifies the qualities of a person which we have not seen for years in Indian politics.

Mass Connection-There has been much debate on “Chaiwala”, some say he was, others say it is a political gimmick.Whether he was or not shouldn’t be a citizen’s concern. Very few can conclude it was just a figure of speech. But the fact is, everyone has seen his house in Vadnagar, depicting his humble beginning.And humble beginning just means  he must have undergone all the things through which a common man passes:be it queues, travelling through general or sleeper compartment in railways, struggle for livelihood etc. He was part of nations growth hence can feel the problems felt my many (ours is a nation of lower or middle class),unlike those who grew in affluence and chose politics as their ancestral business. People can connect to him better as they feel he is one from among them.

Faith in Rising India-It is faith that keeps us alive. We do extraordinary things if we have faith. For instance you go to a public office for some document say driving licence.You are of the idea that lets not pay bribe and go by the process. After few days of harassment you will realise that its better to bribe and get off this system. One of my friend’s mother’s chain was snatched by some biker. Its very difficult to file an FIR. He somehow with support of his connections got it lodged. After few weeks he and his mother had to visit police station and magistrate’s office after every two days. He finally had to withdraw his complaint as they were treated as if they themselves have committed some crime. Astonishingly withdrawal also included bribe. In both the cases victim was common man and his faith on system was shattered. “India hai”, “Kya kar sakte hain”, “Inme padna he nahi hai”  etc are common alibis. Mr Modi being in the highest office may face such challenges daily in numerous ways. This man however has such insurmountable faith in democratic set up, culture and governance that he can overcome any problem be it poverty, corruption, development etc. The faith in turn is reverberated by people too. Call it “Modi bhakts” or “BJP Band”  but the people have found a leader which they were searching for years.

Reformist-With changing times we need to make changes in our laws and rules which govern the country. These changes few times for a short period, can be difficult for people who vote to bring the government. Thus it is a non populist measure. In simpler way a government in India has to face the public once every five years. Introduction of new rules won’t bear fruit within this five year period. Hence a conservative government will keep reforms aside and work to maintain status quo. But progress itself means break the status quo and process. Mr Modi has took to reforms be it tax reforms (GST), social reforms (Jan Dhan, UID), digital revolution, revision of foreign treaties. We still wait for police, land reforms and employment generation. Also governments  are hesitant to take up the long term projects as they need resources which otherwise could have been used to show to the people in limited tenure. Anyhow some has to have such courage to take up such projects, this government seems to have flare for it.

Politics of Development – The much hyped Gujarat Model which Mr Prime Minister has been propagating is actually the implementation of governance as enterprise. If we explore it is quite evident that every activity carried to sustain human life is business,then why not government should function as one. We as a job seeker project our greatest assignment to grab the one which we apply for. NaMo’s experiment and steps in Gujarat like egovernance and digitization, power reforms, basic infrastructure, use of technology in agriculture, tourism, attracting FDI(vibrant gujarat is so far the most successful in this) etc met with great success. This success was reason for him propagating the idea of development model. This should be considered as paradigm shift as other political parties too started to project and prove development as their basic agenda. Hitherto they either entangled themselves in caste, religion or character assassination.

A Taskmaster and Decision Maker-We all must have read his routine which astonishingly include four or five hours of sleep.He hasn’t any rest day for years. So in such way person working with him has to work if not par just below the par. It may be difficult for few but its lesson to be those who have enjoyed the so called “Sarkari Naukri”. It is unique form of leadership unprecedented in Indian governance where making the office holder responsible is trending. This ultimately will make them responsible to public as they hold “public office”. We have too many projects, laws, judgements pending for years. Some of them may need additional resources like money or manpower but many of them are waiting just for the lethargy of decision makers. Decision in fact must be a calculated and wise one  but leaders shouldn’t shoo away just because they want to play it safe. Mr PM has such unique quality of making it fast. We all must have seen in our daily lives there may be hurdles but most of tasks need to be decided and  started to be worked upon. Willpower and sense of service to the nation are the ingredients of dish Decision.

Being Indian – Wherever he goes, he propagates Indianness and Indian culture.During first year in office media covered his foreign trips where Namo was lauded as true leader of Indian diaspora. He takes time to meet and hear them. Evacuation from South Sudan and Yemen made people realise that they are taken care. Another impressive theme is he places Indians like Swami Vivekananda, Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay as icons. Supports Yoga and Ayurveda as intrinsic part of our growth. Today world knows him to be the best Ambassador of India.


Visionary-It is imperative for government to spend on projects which are the need of the future. The problem with the planners is they make a bridge which takes two years to complete and the users which were determined then, double or triple when it is ready for use. Everyone from the executioner’s side know this but they do not have that leap of faith or vision to make it last for long. Mr Namo has that vision which can be found in Chabahar port, make in India, smart city, medical colleges, waterways project, new railway lines etc.

A group of people will always be against government or PM and for a reason, they are important too. No one can be perfect, there should always be people to judge and question the decision makers in democracy else the absence of such people will turn it to autocracy. Many a time it seems that he is dictator within the party, but it might be the need to emphasis harmony. A corporator amalgamates all his relatives to the contract business within town. Even an assistant in a government set up manages to hook up some of his relatives in job in an office. But the family members of Narendra Modi still live the same simple lives. Also we cannot think that being the brother or sister of CM and now PM they had been favoured anywhere. Such is the honesty of this man.


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