Letter to  Representatives of Public(RePublic) 


Dear Republic, 

Republic day is approaching. You must be well versed with the meaning of Republic. If not, I would like to remind you “It means the ultimate power rests with the public and their elected representatives and also it has an elected head of state”. However we as public gain this power just before elections and loss immediately after casting our votes. Hence for most of the time its you who has all of it. 

Don’t be afraid, I am not asking you a commitment to wipe corruption, poverty or reservation. This letter doesn’t challenge or force you to help. 

Its about safeguarding a lady who works to take care of her only mother and younger brother.She is being harassed by local politician only because he has support of “One of you”. 

Its about safety of a college girl whose friends punish her for being friendly with them only because the culprit’s father has “Political Connections”. 

 Its about giving a fearless path to a female teen who covers a distance of five kilometers to go to school. Local goons challenge her modesty only because our law and order department is little too busy minting money and they have to serve the “Leader” 

Its about safe return of a four year child who has gone to play and her parents are away to earn their livelihood. The animals try to pounce upon her only because they are intoxicated or previously let off without any harm by our judiciary all again for their “Connections” 

Its about a foetus whose killing was decided only because two day ago it turned out to be a girl. And the bearer either are too insecure for its security or too burdened to bring her up. 

The democratic set up had vested immense power upon you. We can’t help ourselves, as we collectively have surrendered all the powers to you.On this republic day its my request to safeguard these women in distress. Do assure that the people committing such crimes do not get any support from your machinery and they are punished well for their ill doings. A respected women is the foundation of progressive society. 

                            Yours Sincerely 

                           One among Public


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