Change “The universal truth”


When you’re finished changing, you’re finished. -Benjamin Franklin



The main reason of fear and misery in human being is reluctanance to change,if we introspect we will find that it is one of  the basic sanskaar of our soul.Paradox is that,We love change but don’t want to change.The main reason for this is  “fear of unknown”. we always ignore present and plan for future and in the end, nothing will happen according to our plan.


We can’t even join this mrityu lok if change doesn’t happen to cells present  in the womb.If you see human birth is result of nine month continuous change process and after that it continues.There are some who may think that change ends with the end of life but if you look from a bird’s eye view you will realize that it continues.The soul leaves the body and search for a new one and the chakra of Jeevan Mrityu continues.

We are continually evolving no matter where we are.It is also benfitial for humans  in all walks of life.The world around us is changing very rapidly and it will be totally different tomorrow than what we are looking to it today.

Embrace change,love your life and celebrate your existence.


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