Multiplication Rule of Happiness 

As soon as we are born we start our search. Search for food, shelter and security remain at the top among all these searches. As we grow up the urge for such search increases by many fold and it diverges into multiple things: learning, job, house, perfect relations etc. 

We are all taught how to live a prosperous life. But very few or least among all are preached about happiness. If we thoughtfully examine human lives we can reach to a simple conclusion that the motto of human life is “Avoidance of pain and pursuit of Happiness”. Our every act  is confined to pursue happiness. Partying, watching a movie, travelling to scenic place etc are direct ways to attain happiness.Some people help or sacrifice for others this act gives them happiness that is why they do it.

Its strange to note that if someone dies or leaves us we do sulk or become sad. The reason again is we cry for loss of happiness. Those who have gone can’t feel anything but we do feel for them because we had lost our source of happiness. 

Life is broadly made of following factors:

1. Physical-We are all made up of bone and blood. This factor includes our health and wellness

2. Emotional-Physical body without mind and consciousness is inanimate. For a happier life our feelings should be well balanced. 

3. Social-No man is an island, we depend on others for our daily needs. Thus we have to have a society and good terms with the constituent members of society. 

4. Occupational-Work is an important aspect too. If we work for eight hours a day our professional or occupational life constitutes one third of our life. 

5. Financial-Modern world runs on money. It is important to be financially able to sustain and enjoy the serendipities of life. 

6. Environmental-Man and nature mutually coexist. One impacts the other, being good to other imparts the same for other. 
Multiplication Rule of Happiness -:

We assume the above factors as examination papers and to lead a happy and contented life we have to pass them. And rule says that passing requires all of them to be multiplied.Also the basic rule of multiplication implies that if any of the multiplying factor is zero it will make the resultant zero. Hence in life we have to score at least some number except zero. If we fail to score in any of them our happiness automatically comes to cipher. 

To understand further, we suppose that

 We are unhealthy we can’t be happy. 
 We are too pessimistic and not bold     enough to face life we can’t be happy 
We are aloof from society and if not, do not maintain a healthy relation with the members we can’t be happy
We are in constant friction with our work and work place we can’t be happy 
We are financially too feeble and can’t afford to satiate our or loved one’s need we can’t be happy. 
Finally if our environment does not favour us we can’t be happy


  Not always the highest score is any of the subjects make us successful. Many a times a university topper in one subject fails in other one. In life too scoring too much in one may impact the other to be low. For instance we did good and saved too much (Scored well in financials) but couldn’t give time to our health or relations. Sooner or later we are going to succumb. The idea is not to be the best at all but is not be zero in any one. 


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