Curb Project Cost curb Corruption

Our administrators or politicians love to cut ribbon in opening ceremonies. But did they ever bother about the actual cost incurred vs the should be cost ? In most of the work carried out by panchayats, municipalities or public works department, no one knows what is going on. The omniscient among all are the one who have contracted out and the contractor who is vested with serpentine responsibility of completing the task. 

The simplest example of such over expenditure is a bus stop. One can see the bus stop in rural areas or suburban areas. The bus stop is typically a concrete shade with bulged slabs for public to sit. Its area may vary from 200 to 400 square feet. This small unit may cost upto ten lakhs. Bus stop after few days of inauguration becomes home for stray animals and drug addicts. People usually take bus either few metres before or after the stop. Bus drivers too become addict to stop before or after the bus stop but never at those stops. Few years later the structure is demolished to follow the new cycle of construction. 

Similar structure can be made in much less budget and will be aesthetically durable too.Any bus stop in metro with iron pipes and fibre sheets displaying advertisements is such structure. 
The first one  is pure loss of public money: no use for that specific purpose, misuse of place and above all looting of money which otherwise could have been used to serve hunger stricken belly.There could be two reasons for this. One, the authorities escalate the price and have their cut without any study and planning. Second, they are unaware of latest developments going in and around the world. But in both the cases a nation loses.

 Integrity of the machinery which is working to mint money for themselves is a challenge to all the public administrations all over the world. However adhering strictly to design cost and timeline is the key to the solution. Failing in any of the parameter may be dealt with criminal proceedings.Not only the contractor even the officials who have been involved on the project, should be prosecuted. Thus fixing them accountable for each and every loss. 

The second solution need an approach of learning by example, training and above all the exchange of knowledge design and technology from bigger cities to towns and village panchayats. This design sharing will not only reduce the cost but also eliminate leakage present in the current system. The major problem is the mental block which has been crippling the nations growth. 

Bus stop is just an example it could be arterial roads, street lights, fencing, dividers, community parks, buildings and many more.This sharing of ideas costs nothing and above all the fruits of good things is distributed among the citizens of nation. 


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