Boycott Corruption 

Boycott Corruption
None can keep honey in tongue without having slight taste of it.We as a citizen of nation are surrounded by things which can similarly not remain unaffected by act of community or governments.These actions in this era can also never remain aloof from Corruption .The food we eat (purchased and repurchased to escalate the price) the water we drink (being contaminated by efficient bribe methodology) the air we breathe ( pollutants released fairly by paying hefty sum by vehicular companies or industries) the house we live in (the foundation is laid after revenue dept is well fed) the road we walk (built and rebuilt with inferior material to have steady booty) are all rotten by disease called Corruption.

The effect of this cancerous evil is tremendous which may range from losing money and health by individuals, governments etc  and even upto loss of lives.Yes, many who could not fight the corrupt system against them either in police station or district revenue departments succumb to die.All our farmers who commit suicide are martyrs because they fight poverty hunger and above all a corrupt system. Farm suicides are actually homicides committed by the conans of filthy corrupted system. We do not have records because we never dig into the lives of these  debt ridden soldiers.

There is rage in public against Corruption. This rage among divided population is such that on evocation they overthrew the erstwhile established government at Delhi. Sadly these so called agents of change have lately been smitten by ‘Power Snake’. Instead of what they had promised to the people they tirelessly work to conquer other states.Our current prime minister has charismatic persona and by virtue of this the nation has seen brooms in the hands of young and the old.Even he seems to be lethargic on the issue and people are waiting for him to wage a war against Corruption. 

What an individual can do to combat Corruption?

A very basic phenomenon of corruption can be understood by following Maslow’s need hierarchy. After attainment of things required for comfortable living an individual pries for respect and self esteem in society. The thing to notice is , that in India ours is a society comprising of close knitted families.And the subject (person capable of indulging in Corruption) abide by the rules of family. He does all this to have a so called respectable status in community.This is the place where an individual can hit upon corruption.One of the greatest misfortune for Indian society is that the love and respect for people or families are solely dependent on their monetary possession. We as youth desire for offices which offers maximum extra income irrespective of its nature or however low it is. 

Judiciary, the enforcement directorate or the tax department knows little about the sources of income but gossip monger in locality or colony very well know it. All we need is to Boycott him or her and their family members. Never invite them in any of the functions or parties, greet people next to them but never pay heed to their presence.Treat them as rude as you can. Withdraw every help you had ever offered them. This will eventually make them remorseful of their deeds. During the course we may find that we are too harsh on them but think of miseries caused by these corrupt people, this can even be death to many. And against these heinous crimes we are just making them realize their mistakes.


Believe me these people or their families are very sensitive towards their status. Even a slight blow to this status may have lasting impact on their deeds. Harsher each one of us towards them sooner will they realize and abstain from misdeeds.


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