Deprivation of Medals-A Quadrennial Calamity 

India is huge country with great potential yet we lag in sports. The author tries to fix this with a solution.


A child’s heart is the purest reflection of desires.The foremost among all these desires is desire to play, play with all heart.Thus nature nurtures human to play.We live in society and our traits transform as per the society’s norms.Had there been no influence of any such social set up we all would have been playing (not necessarily in organised manner but Newton’s  law of inertia had done it so).

We are 1.2 billion yet we are facing a serious crisis of winning no medal in Olympics .Winning in Olympics or any such sport event doesn’t make a nation prosperous or great , it  shows how alive are we and the winning nation is.It is showcase of majesty and unity. However it is not honest to expect  medals without giving any infrastructure to the stakeholders.Yearning for medals once in four years is like student who swears after every semester that he or she will perform in the coming ones. Haryana as an state has done a lot for sports be it Bhivadi or Rohtak, they have encouraging environment for sports compared to rest of the nation.
Most of us are very enthusiastic about sports  but shrinking spaces  to play and to accommodate these players (if sport is chosen as a career) gradually make us mere spectators.Any vacant plot ,it will soon be captured by builders brokers or land mafia.Above all, the callous  attitude of administrators towards sports facilities has made the condition more grim.If by chance, you get some players out of their fortune then also they get nervous while competing at the international podium because they come across things which have never been encountered during training.Now a days we see very less kids go for outdoor games,if asked why ? The answer is similar everywhere and very disheartening that there is no place to play.They are bound to play mobile games.We are having long sea border but we can’t produce cross channel swimmers,a big army but not a boxer or a weight lifter,in kerala we have a proud rowing team but even they can’t compete in Olympics and the list is long….


What could be the preventive measure ? The solution to this simple but overlooked by our administrators.We have to make grounds and arrangements to play  in every locality.The children from the very childhood should be motivated by giving them proper guidance.Some players play throughout their lives to get a decent job through sports quota. It is the government who has to assure them that by taking sports their career won’t be jeopardised.In the middle of their age they don’t have to struggle for livelihood. We have to stand tall away from petty politics, making an environment for sports to come along with corporate help.

We cannot make any sports success until it goes into the veins of larger middle class population.Just like cricket which was once the game of upper class and very unknown till 80s but it witnessed major infiltration from middle class and result was we won a world cup and are proud to have a great cricketing side today.Most people wonder that cricket is killing all other sports in India.But the reality is people do not find any other sport around them which through which they can connect.Though all the sport has this capability the need is to popularise them. Our country will be flooded by medals if we do not leave them on their fortune and will do the preventive maintenance.

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