Carbon Footprints: Count Yours for better Planet

The total number of green house gases emitted to support the human activities is known as carbon footprint.For humans it is more specific to carbon dioxide and thus expressed as  CO2e.Each human action be it breathing, resting or blinking of eyes  requires energy. And this energy comes from food which in turn comes at the  cost of Carbon.Thus as long as we human live we continue to contribute to carbon emission: the more we use the things more is the contribution.

The most important to sustain life is oxygen  then comes the water and then food followed by other things.The production of oxygen which is mostly done by the flora of the planet only consumes carbon to emit oxygen, rest all necessities do the vice versa.If we take food for an example human do use some machine or animals to yield, these machines or animals do use energy in some form or the other and emit Carbon.The smoke from industries, vehicular pollution, domestic household uses of fire are the major causes of increase of green house gases. It is astonishingly ugly fact that half of the emisson is due to food waste.

We have diviced methods to tackle pollution like discouraging use of fossil fuels,regulatory check for chimneys of industries,prevention of forest fire, plantation of trees etc. These fine measures are need of the hour.But the most important thing is yet to be done. An individual is taught that he or she can contribute to the environment by    either planting trees or preventing pollution.However he or she can contribute much more than this by just acting little environment friendly way.Now what is that?

Using the things as per their need is the simplest answer to it. Suppose I have more purchasing power than average fellow citizen and I am capable of paying any amount of bill for gasoline or electricity.Yet I am  not entitled to waste electricity or fuel as it must have been produced by leaving  Carbon Footprints . Recycling and reusing the things like polythene  and bottles etc will reduce the consumption and thus the production of the these environment hazards.And above all prevention of food waste not only in logistics but also from food plates.

We move, we breathe, we sleep :at every moment we leave carbon Footprints.To reduce it, is not to Live Less but make a Shadow Green Footprint which walk upon to overlap and wipe it up.


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