Garden of Eden-Unforbidden Apple


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India has become a land of businesses. The growing number of startups witness the growth story of this developing nation each day. Yet a simple question couldn’t be answered by most of the viriles of market .At which part of the Indian city would a fruitseller be placed to generate maximum sale? The difficult answer to this easy question is right in “front of Hospital” . It seems strange but the place generates maximum revenues.

In most of the Indian cities an established medical shop owner opens a medical shop in front of perhaps every clinic or nursing home.Some of the over ambitious frontrunner even do these in front of every medical practitioner who swears to give business. The same modus operandi holds true for fruit shop owners too.

Our majority of the population lives a life where most of the earning goes to procure daily essentials.And fruits perhaps is never a necessity unless its non consumption is lethal. Hence the dearer ones, the forerunner in terms of price like Apple (Apple of my Eye phrase must have come owing to its price) is consumed only when a Doctor recommends.Although the public is aware of all the benefits of fruits but couldn’t afford to have it in plate.

Banana so far was the cheapest among fruits but for the past few years this fruit has also found its way to richness.Guava trees in many parts of the country are present in almost all the homes but by virtue or vice of climatic diversity in other parts, it is bought at the cost of apples.This is simple gap of demand and supply crippled by logistics. Thus we see despite having the optimal atmosphere for fruits the masses are mostly deprived of it.

We have horticulture department in every town and city. The department plants ornamental plants beside streets and dividers. The local body like municipal corporation irrigates these plants. With consultation from agricultural scientists and universities these streets can be planted with fruits which suit the climatic conditions.The parameters which can affect the safe traffic like spread of tree, branching etc can be worked out.Also the work needs to identify the varieties which are susceptible to harsh environment, need less water, fruit earlier etc. While brainstorming about the idea few intellectuals were apprehensive that the trees need protection from people. Of course this needs to be done but not always.All we need is little leap of faith that once people are surrounded by fruit laden trees they themselves will not harm them. The idea will not only utilise the potential of land in urban areas but also will be a step closer to food security for the nation.The spend may be equal or little more than what we spend on plantation now.
The seminal idea can be taken by a small cooperative or civil self help group in small setup like a village or taluka.There start would be a lead of a step because people there (in rural areas) are more aware of the nature and utility of plants.Moreover project in a closed or small set up will have more likelihood of success.
Sheer thought of moving around a place which is full of lovely fruits thrills me.Need to have fruit just take a walk to your nearest Orchard… Ah…. street. This may be a distant dream but not an impossible one .If God knew that the Human beings can get nourishment in few fruit and vegetables why has He created so much of flora and fauna.All because he wanted to have choices for all of us. The Almighty pours in abundance then why not receive with the biggest vessel.


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