Refug(s) ing the Refugees

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Few months ago the world was shocked to see the cadaver of Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian Refugee whose family was trying to escape Syria through Turkey to Europe.But their boat sank and the kid lost his life in the combat for survival.World is reeling with some very complex problems. One such challenge is accommodating the Refugees.

The disheartening pictures of the kid in media stormed the thoughts of many people. Discussions erupted revealing how insensitive are we towards the fellow humans.The real reasons why we are so is the Fear. The fear of making entrance to people who engage in terrorist activities. The fear of getting dwindling resources like food and water depleted. The fear of getting the established resources and infrastructure sabotaged.

This fear is not at all baseless. In past the countries who showed mercy and opened the gates are now crippling by the overflow of people . The greatest among fears is the entrance of terrorism.

Its impossible to segregate the people who are terrorists or support acts of terrorism and those who love to live peacefully because the terrorism is not a physical attribute, it is a thought. The thoughts can never be interpreted. The one who is calm and peace lover can be radicalised to be militant in no time. Say it beauty or weakness of human mind that it can be moulded . Thus any weapon or tangible army galore can never combat terrorism till it vanishes.

The only way to tackle Terrorism as a thought is to have another very powerful thought somewhat like Tasawwuf. Many of the religious Gurus lay stress on developing values among kids. They can foresee that these values can counter military intentions.

Hatred and bloodshed can not be ended it can only be replaced by Love and compassion towards fellow beings.
Once this menace is eradicated Refugees will no longer leave their home to take refuge, they will just be migrants happily accepted by all the nations.


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