Do not Wait:Act for what you Love


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Its impossible to understand life. If you go to understand it you will miss living it and vice versa. Although understanding is good but better we concentrate on living. If we explore life we come to a definite conclusion that it provides ample opportunities.This opportunity may be in

Studies-We fail in one exam and succeed in other, Health-We fall sick and many times it seems that this is end of life we won’t live further but we bounce back to healthy life,Job-One job seems to be end of World but suddenly another job rejuvenates life,Relationship-A relation turns bitter and there seems no further road but a mere talk cements it upto grave.
Thus exploring life with a heart leaves an impression that its not too harsh as many a times it makes us feel. Infact it is full of hope and opportunities filled in now thats why it is called Present.

One of my friends migrated to bigger city in search of job prospect. His only dream was to earn decent money, help to establish his parents, marry his sister and finally come back to his native land.Days passed the Almighty showered love all his dreams attained sweet conclusion . Meanwhile he was struck in mechanical cycle of a city life.Eventually he was married to a beautiful girl and his life sailed a smooth voyage. As the time passed by, the health of the parents deteriorated.Whenever he talked to them he always felt he should be with them. The local businesses in the home town boomed and the land they possess also skyrocketed to good value. The mere thought of return thrilled him. He often dreamt of life in his home town with enough money through planned business, plenty of spare time to engage in activities which he wants .But smitten by calculations of his gain in job and losses of being in smaller city tied him to be there.

The news of his father’s death suddenly was a bolt from blue. He on his way to home decided to quit and follow what he decided a decade earlier.
Today after 5 years he has ten hectares of land with 25 cows.He runs a dairy and his farm generates him 30lakhs per annum.My friend in his motherland is happiest among all our batchmates who migrated in search of good opportunities and gaudy exposure.

This is bitter reality of life that we wait for some eventuality to happen and then act. Life is full of opportunities but it comes with a timeline.Those who act within this frame live a contented life and those who don’t just pass their time till the end.If you have a dream to follow, follow it today, tomorrow can sometimes be too late.

I fear losing my wallet and data in my PC but a dear friend of mine always reminds that everything can be achieved again except the people and time. Live, love and care for the things and people you always wanted to. Your life shall not merely end, it should Complete.