Urbanising Unurbanized Urban India

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The definition of Urban areas in India is vague. We may see the smallest of cities in UP or Haryana measure  to be the largest of that in MP.So to classify the cities to have them urbanised is next to impossible .

‘ A father went to the teacher along with his child to learn music and told the teacher that the child already knows much about music. The teacher asked for double the fee. On asking why is it so the teacher humbly replied that it’s most difficult to make the child unlearn the things which he shouldn’t had learnt’

In most of the cities of our country irregulated development is doing the same. To develop such areas we need to invest hugely thus making it easy to make up new areas and let the previous one rot.The most dreaded thing that happened to such urban areas is no government worked with vision.
The challenges in urban areas faced or will be faced in future are and will be same for the whole country like public sanitation, parking, pollution, waste management etc .The startups in India mostly among IT are not the innovations but replicas of what happened in USA decades ago.And the good thing is they are making significant contribution to the economy . A very simple solution for such urban problems is replication of solutions of metros or big urban set up to emerging towns.But State government, gutted by their myopic visions rarely forsee the problems and implement the already tested solutions.

A person who had lived in Bhopal and Bangalore can simply tell that the Bhopal of today is today’s  Bangalore a decade after. Also its not intricate that the problems of traffic and space will also be inherited .If Bangalore is facing traffic and parking problems then shouldn’t Bhopal be planned with broad roads and buildings with multi level parking.  But the people who run Municipal corporations do not bother because they are there for a tenure and the problems are of masses not theirs.

Our current government at the centre is marching ahead to make 100 Smart cities. Will it not be a smart move to copy paste solutions which can easily achieve this Herculean task? The more apt question is Who will bell the cat? The citizens do their duty and discard the right once they succumb to greed while casting votes.However accountability can yet be achieved once people in masses start asking questions to their local government machinery . Real revolution comes when the rights of the Individual are ascertained by the Masses.


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