Life is Nothing but Sequence of Events

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Two men were walking,they were about to cross a busy street. One of them noticed his shoelace open and stopped to tie it. Meanwhile the other one proceeded to cross the road. A car came and rammed him on legs, the man flew and landed on his head. He was taken to hospital and is in coma. A close observation on sequence of events are:
1 Two men walking
2 One stooped to tie the lace while the other proceeded
3 A car in fast pace was approaching the crossing.
The accident could have been prevented
1 Had the men walked slower and car could have passed
2 On seeing the companion the latter had stopped to be with him
3 Both could have stopped to help someone in need
4 They could have slowed or stopped due to some hindrance and the car had crossed.

Thus there were innumerable possibilities that must have prevented the accident. But the one which was obvious prevailed and let the accident happen. Life is nothing but sequence of events. A very famous Hollywood movie Final Destination is based on this fact. The movie draws such sequence into a pattern to make misfortune happen to those who were effected. A famous Chinese proverb also demonstrates this fact
Miss a bus and change your life.

Augur or doomsayers when being approached suggest of performing rituals. These rituals do nothing but change the sequence of events to let the misfortune like speeding car let pass without having any effect in our lives.Infact all the compassion mercy and charities mentioned in scriptures be it of any religion eventually
is meant to change the sequence which lest could be disastrous for us.Human could do very little to know or prevent the future happenings but the good Karma will always help. All we can do is to follow the path of righteousness and pave our way to peace.


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