Corporate lessons from Game of Thrones


1 Nothing lasts forever – Everyone who seems to be in lead role is eliminated. This is evident in most of our corporate set up. The boss or the superior who seems to be invincible does not last forever. They either are shifted to new locations or retire or switch to new ventures. So be happy and rely on the fact that sad or happier times come and go.

2 Sycophancy always pays – Lord Valarys and Littlefinger are obvious villains but enjoy the confidence of the rulers. The sycophants are everywhere and enjoy the privilege in most of the stubborn set ups. Every professional who works hard to achieve the goals is envious of all the bootlickers. But bootlickers do their job more sincerely than what a professional does. Hence the rewards follow for those who do nothing but follow. However this is art which cannot be possessed by all. Its upto you what you can be the best at.

3 Linguistics superior to other skills-Be it Tywin Lannister the Imp or Lord Baelish, the one who is good speaker enjoys most of serendipities.The characters were stuck in most awkward situations but bounced back unscathed. In corporate world too the one who is good speaker wins over the ones who soil their asses to get the things done. Thus bootlicker with great linguistic skill will always have an edge in career.

4 Perils of women dishonour -The Dothraki savages were the most efficient fighters but they perished all because of one bad reason. They had women as sex slaves. In societies or families where women is disrespected, it succumbs. The women is root from where the family emanates and tangling with the root only brings death to the tree.Its quite evident from the corporates or business houses who grew to glory have been adoring women. So goes the adage of Indian scriptures “Yatra Naryastu poojyante ramante tatra devta”

5 How harsh the Climate is You shouldn’t Stop-Jeor Mormont and his team from the Wall including the John Snow travelled towards North in the harshest of the Climates. Mere sight of the scene makes us cold even in sultry days. They proceed only for a mission. We do have such rock steady people in our professions who do not care for bumpy ride, they just go on. However its wholly a personal choice whether to measure these perilous path or to go on to the smooth course. After all we have one life shall we go for glory which in turn is uncertain or shall we live the remaining hours of our lives. I favour the latter as the tombs of great conquerers attract people but fail to impact the dead.

6 Never Lose your Identity-Lord Ned Stark was called onto the Kings Landing for higher cause but the move destroyed his career, family was shattered and the members were forced to live like nomads. Most of the people with higher grades in corporates are many a times  called upon by the management to serve for higher purpose(to serve the Realm). This call must be taken with utter caution. If you do not overcome the prevailing circumstances (in Kings Landing) and conspiracies you are finished. So better calibrate your competencies before taking the plunge or have a plan to maintain the status quo in your career.The move of Ned Stark had perhaps no gains but all losses.




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