Rush to be in most Lucrative Bussiness


Why Humongous Spend for Elections.Everyone knows buying and selling of votes in elections is offence. Yet in every election we hear news of politicians paying hefty money either directly to the electors or their chieftains.In previous elections we have seen distributions of cash and liquor now it has changed to laptops smartphones and consumer electronics.Horsetrading by donkeys are also not rare:all at public purse the tax money. We all hear, read, see and react that this is slaying democracy but never had thought why such spending.At times most of the families had difficulty in making both the ends meet and they are distributing money as if it is siphoned from a rich well .The most obvious reason is the amount of money which flows through these politicians .The whole of bureaucracy waits for the orders and approvals from these candidates who turn to be Lords of public. This clan of politicians make and bend rules as for their interests.The voter which were once adorned to get their ballot stamp are sidelined from where ever politicians pass. The people who had funded the elections run the government and sabotage rights of depressed. We all see the looting and deprivation of rights but are helpless. The catch 22 arises of the fact that those who can act deterrent will become victims themselves as Ruler (by and of rules) will cross the road to become the Ruled: the ruled is ridiculed. A strong political will from those who do not greed for money or to be in power for tenure puts all checks and balances in the ailing system.


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